Hang in there to myself ( by Maya)

I am working for an air freight forwarder as an export shipment coordinator. There is shipments to export on weekend. But mostly I can work done on Friday but there might have a call from my boss if there are done problem and there was ! This afternoon I got a text and realized one thing I totally forgot. This kind of things makes me blue and worries about my job weight on me all weekend. It’s a my small careless mistake and my career isn’t over and I won’t be thrown away from my company.
Am I too serious to think about work ?
I don’t want to spoil my weekend.

Today I went shopping to my new clothes. During shopping, I forgot my work.


Credit :careerealism.com


Ambitious sprit(Maya)

I’ve been busy to study for an examination of dangerous good and all costs for exam is paid by my company and if pass it, I will get $200 🙂
Great deal isn’t it?
So I am working on it!
I use the regulation book at work and at home too.
It’s hard but good to know the things I didn’t know 😛 1 weeks to go till the exam ! Cross you fingers for me ♡

Speaking of studying new thing, there’s a problem. Team work is important all the time and especially at work, we should be sensitive to coworkers but also severe to profit each other. We need to say ugly thing to others sometimes.
The other day, a junior colleague complained about teamwork in his team to his teammate. I know he’s doing great work but his teammate, she doesn’t know how to handle his work. She fought back to him. “You’re the main in charge and I am your helper”. If I were her, I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t bring this up.
He’s such a braver. It’s not easy to say such a thing and mostly we get scare to brake the relationship. Therefore, I felt so sorry for him about her reaction. He just try to make a good teamwork and share work to cooperate each other. I think she isn’t the type who wants to learn new things, more importantly, she is likely to be stable. I love to learn new things, otherwise my brain going to be a stone.

about my boss(by Azzurri)

It have been taken 3 months from my new job starts.
My coworkers attends to me very kindly, so I have no stress, no feeling of discontent here without my boss’s behavior.

He has big mood swings like thinking to take up a cold attitude to me, but his attitude changed kindness suddenly.
I guess he is very shy, having a lack of skill how he gives expression to his own feelings.

This is my only problem that as he is difficult to speak to, I can’t communicate to him very much.

Saturday Night ( by Maya )

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! What’s your favorite way to spend Saturday night?

I like to have conversations with my people having a wine 🙂
We just talk and enjoy the time to forget the stressful things.

I also like to cook with my favorite music. My workload has been increasing so I cook a few dishes and keep them in a freezer. That makes me easy to spend weekday without worrying about dinner.

Cherry blossom ! ( by Maya )

It’s Sakura season 🙂
People in Japan love having a party under the tree.
I also love to see Sakura lit up in the night.
Here is Sakura near my place.



Recently I was transferred to new team at work. I was in charge of more than 30 customers for 3 years and I hated to tell this to my customers and I emailed them. It’s just so sad. I know I can’t keep it up but even though they are just customers, there are so much memories through work. I believe they trusted me and they grew me up. I can’t imagine how I work at next team but my new customers would teach me lots of things.
That’s what I thought seeing sakura still night

Video game in job hunting(by Maya)

Have you ever played video game in employment test?
Some companies let the job applicants play games to measure what type of person they would be and what kind of job would be best suited to them.

According to recruiters, they can see applicants in different way by the game result too and GPA isn’t only measure.
This is interesting. I might have been hired by better company than my present company.
But some of these tests can lead to discrimination and there’s the question of social back ground. People who are from sociocultural groups where they’ve been to exposed to game,technology,puzzles,problem solving will better than people who are from sociocultural backgrounds where that was not part of their experience when they were growing up. Sometimes that’s unfair.
You know, everyone is working on job hunting so hard nowadays.
Company see resume and give people opportunity to take an interview.
Diversity is very important so video game might be good function and might lead talented people to company.