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Diet ! (by Maya)

I’ve eaten too much recently and my weight became “Can’t believe weight”.
So my dinner is way too Japanese.

Seaweed soup and Yam and natto bowl.
You might not be familiar with natto.
Natto is a very healthy food. Soy beans, which natto is made of, contain many kinds of nutrients, such as protein. Texture is gooey and smell isn’t good so I know it’s not favorite for all people. But believe me, it’s good for your diet.

I also think about teeth.
Since I started to work on teeth makeover, I recognized how important teeth are. It’s not only appearance but also how much healthy teeth leave when I get old.

I’m getting 29 and can’t ignore diet for my health.
We are busy every day that’s why we take care of food and drinks. P

about my boss(by Azzurri)

It have been taken 3 months from my new job starts.
My coworkers attends to me very kindly, so I have no stress, no feeling of discontent here without my boss’s behavior.

He has big mood swings like thinking to take up a cold attitude to me, but his attitude changed kindness suddenly.
I guess he is very shy, having a lack of skill how he gives expression to his own feelings.

This is my only problem that as he is difficult to speak to, I can’t communicate to him very much.

MY WORKS(by Azzurri)

I am in the middle of producing Yuka’s wedding welcome-board now!
I love making arts and crafts by myself especially using computer graphic softs. I use Painter Essentials & Photoshop Elements, they are cheeper than original maker but it is enough for me.

this is a travel leaflet I made which my previous company’s one.

Recently I also made some flyers of beauty salon which my brother‐in‐law works.
omote1 keisuke

This is just a little bit of extra spending money ! lol

Samurai with a cat (by Azzurri)

DSC_1257「猫侍(Neko Samurai)」
this is my favourite dorama.
There is a Samurai who famous for assassins of Bakumatsu, end of the Edo period.He had a heart of steel and lived keeping away from the other people.He named Hamme.
One day, the servant who worked at a histric mansion asked Hamme to kill a cat which is had by a mansion’s owner. The owner was inordinately fond of it so he was jealous of the cat very much.
Hamme undertook it in exchange for some money and tried to kill the cat.But he couldn’t!He fell in love with the cat at first sight.He took it away stealthily disguising as it already dead.Hamme had started a new life with a pretty cat. He grew up pregressively being kindness,having a relationship with other people thanks to the cat.
It is very nice dorama which will fill you with warm feelings.

yesterday’s my lunch box.

rice with seasoning


cheese hamburg steak

mackerel simmered in miso

broccoli with mayonnaise


fried egg

STAP(by Azzurri)

Recently in Japan, there is a young  scientist who causes a flurry of excitement for STAP-CELL.

In spite of calling a great discovery of the century,she had been concluded that her paper which wrote about STAP-CELL was forged(Netsuzou) and its important pictures were manipulated(Kaizan) out of her malice.

How do you think about her and her discovery?

However,I am very disapointed since the new facts have come to light, I am sure she has not any malice in her.It is no doubt she made a very serious mistakes,but people have criticized her tooooooo much!!! Also RIKEN lay a responsibility on just a one young woman though they judged it without having a enough time for listening her opinion and there are other scientists who involved with STAP-CELL.

I can’t help but sympathizing with her.

I’m sure she has made a some important discovery,even if it is not STAP-CELL.