Spanish !!!! (by Maya)

Hola 😛 ¿Cómo está usted?
Yo comenzo estudio Español 😊

Ok finally I re-started to learn Spanish.
I chose it as a second foreign language at college and recently I started wanna be a multilingual 🙂
Another reason choosing Spanish, James Rodríguez !! After World Cup , I am a big fun of him and follow his Instagram and don’t know what he wrote and just see his pictures.
So that’s the one of reasons.
Ok , I won’t give up and hope I’ll because handle both English and Spanish well until Tokyo Olympic.


MY WORKS(by Azzurri)

I am in the middle of producing Yuka’s wedding welcome-board now!
I love making arts and crafts by myself especially using computer graphic softs. I use Painter Essentials & Photoshop Elements, they are cheeper than original maker but it is enough for me.

this is a travel leaflet I made which my previous company’s one.

Recently I also made some flyers of beauty salon which my brother‐in‐law works.
omote1 keisuke

This is just a little bit of extra spending money ! lol