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My favorite restaurant in Umeda(by Azzurri)

Im sorry I couldn’t post this blog for long time:(

This time I will introduce some restaurants which my recommendation to u 🙂

★BIA HOI (Vietnamese)
There is near from EST.
If u usually go to Vietnamese restaurant, u maybe make an order Pho-Noodles(フォー). But I absolutely want u try Bun-cha(ブンチャー)!!
The texture is similar to Japanese Somen(素麺), but taste is totally different. The combination of salty-sweet sauce and light taste noodles creates a nice harmony.That’s taste soooooo great!! I have never eaten that kind of taste before I knew. Just try!!!

There is in Breeze-Breeze (6F)
u can enjoy genuine Chinese food with low-price, especially at lunchtime!
The xiaolongbao(小籠包) is to die for. Also a steamed dumpling is very good too!! And for men, there are a lot of beautiful women who wear sexy Chinese dress lol

★Tokumasa 得正(curry udon)
There is in Osaka 4th station building(B2)
This restaurant is very famous for curry udon. It is always so crowded with many business-mans at lunchtime.
Curry paste is little bit spicy taste, but beef that indigence for curry is sweet. It has the look of mismatching though, their combinations are very good!!

pls go and try!!

summer is over…(by Azzurri)

How was your summer??? OFC mine was terrible! lol
Nevertheless I got summer vacation from Aug13 to 17, I stayed indoors at home almost everyday.

What did I do during that days???
I enjoyed watching Koshien, and surfing the net. Just those…OMG

Yodogawa fireworks(The only big event at this summer for me!) cancelled because of rain!!
Later half a year I want to enjoy my life a lot more than I ever did!! really!!!

You must be excited to have the vacation.(by Azzurri)

Summer has come and how are you keeping off this intense heat?

At this season, I always leave the AC on for my cat, in spite of being nobody there for all day long.
If not , it must be dead by serious heatstroke!!

Do you have any plan at the summer vacation???
I have not a plan very much But next month I am going to see Yodogawa Fireworks Display with Maya and her husband. We have seen it before and it was really amazing!!! You can see it at close range if you buy the ticket in advance.
Last time, I strongly believed that I’m glad to be Japanese!

I am so excited to go there XD

For happy summer nails!(by Azzurri)

Hi! I’ve been too lazy to write lately, sry…. 😦

Recently I’m into jel nail which makes not only me but also every women high!!


But if you try to do it, you need to take care with ” Green nail syndrome” especially the rainy season!!
This disease is an infection of the nails that leads to a greenish discoloration of nails.Since the discoloration is underneath the nail, it will not disappear with washing or scrubbing. The condition is usually confined to one or two nails and can involve fingernails or toenails. The nail is usually not painful, however, the skin around the nail, including the cuticle, may be swollen, tender, or red.

take care!

Hard facts of nearsightedness(by Azzurri)

My eyes have been developed Muscae volitante(飛蚊症) since I was a child.Last week I was checked my eyes by the department of ophthalmology because recently it give me an unpleasant feeling than before. And they were diagnosed Rerinal break(網膜裂孔).
The disease has a risk of going blind,so I am going to treat with laser therapy to prevent them today.Scary〜!!!

retinal break(quoted form here)
A full thickness opening in the neurosensory retina. It may be a hole, usually due to atrophy of the retina and often overlaid by an operculum; or a tear, horseshoe-shaped (U-shaped), round or slit-like, usually caused by posterior vitreous detachment in which the vitreous adheres to the retina and pulls it from the point of adherence during or just after an abrupt eye movement; or a giant retinal tear which involves 90º or more of the circumference of the globe and is commonly associated with Marfan’s syndrome or Stickler’s syndrome; or retinal dialysis which is usually the result of trauma. The patient may complain of photopsia, seeing floaters or flashes and some visual field defects and they may present with a vitreous haemorrhage. Management of retinal breaks includes localized laser photocoagulation (laser retinopexy) or cryopexy, a method of cryotherapy (freezing of the tissues causing local protein denaturation which leads to adhesion of the retina to the pigment epithelium), as the defect may lead to rhegmatogenous or tractional retinal detachment.