Fancy Raclette(by Maya)

The other day I watched Switzerland food “Raclette” witch is veggies covered by cheese.
Looked very delicious and I really wanted to try it and the day came!!!!

Started with a full glass of sparkling. wine.

Avocado and cheese wrapped with raw ham.

Cheese coming down to the plate.

Yes very simple but cheese was pretty yum. Was glad to have it.

Fillet stake. It was very soft and yum.

Hot Bagna cauda

We had these food sharing with 6 people and we couldn’t have a full belly. We decided to go eat ramen.
We were such like Middle age men.
Japanese men go to ramen after drinking.

Girls talks rocked and we really had a great time 🙂

Restaurant information

Jam-packed train.(by Yuka)

Recently, I’m going to my office early morning. Because I’ve so tried to take a ride in commuter’s train. There are a people jam!
Now I arrived at my office about an hour and a half before at the start of a workday. It’s very comfort for me.