My favorite restaurant in Umeda(by Azzurri)

Im sorry I couldn’t post this blog for long time:(

This time I will introduce some restaurants which my recommendation to u 🙂

★BIA HOI (Vietnamese)
There is near from EST.
If u usually go to Vietnamese restaurant, u maybe make an order Pho-Noodles(フォー). But I absolutely want u try Bun-cha(ブンチャー)!!
The texture is similar to Japanese Somen(素麺), but taste is totally different. The combination of salty-sweet sauce and light taste noodles creates a nice harmony.That’s taste soooooo great!! I have never eaten that kind of taste before I knew. Just try!!!

There is in Breeze-Breeze (6F)
u can enjoy genuine Chinese food with low-price, especially at lunchtime!
The xiaolongbao(小籠包) is to die for. Also a steamed dumpling is very good too!! And for men, there are a lot of beautiful women who wear sexy Chinese dress lol

★Tokumasa 得正(curry udon)
There is in Osaka 4th station building(B2)
This restaurant is very famous for curry udon. It is always so crowded with many business-mans at lunchtime.
Curry paste is little bit spicy taste, but beef that indigence for curry is sweet. It has the look of mismatching though, their combinations are very good!!

pls go and try!!