My lovely hometown 🌺(by Maya)

My husband and I visited my hometown to meet my father. During staying my hometown, We also went see a baseball game of my relative and on our way back home, we visited a amazing view too.


It was a clear sky with beautiful view 🙂
I didn’t know there’s a such a beautiful place in my hometown.
I will find more good places 💓


Previous announcement. (by Yuka)

I’ll go to Ooita in the end of this mouth with my family. And I’ll put up the picture at there on this blog:)
Yes, It’s just previous announcement:p

summer is over…(by Azzurri)

How was your summer??? OFC mine was terrible! lol
Nevertheless I got summer vacation from Aug13 to 17, I stayed indoors at home almost everyday.

What did I do during that days???
I enjoyed watching Koshien, and surfing the net. Just those…OMG

Yodogawa fireworks(The only big event at this summer for me!) cancelled because of rain!!
Later half a year I want to enjoy my life a lot more than I ever did!! really!!!