Here’s a plan B :) (by Maya)

Azzuri mentioned that we planed to see fireworks but unfortunately typhoon was coming and it was cancelled!! So we went out for dinner with my husband and his MALE colleague. Sounds like fun 🙂

We had a fun to talk about work, manga and so on.
Expect me, they love manga so it went over my head when they’re talking about it. The male colleague told me good news which I wanted. My husband’s company will build a branch either in Singapore or Malaysia.
I really happy to hear that and I want my husband to take the position to work over there. It’s good for him as wells and he’s kind motivated to work oversea.

Anyway, we kept talking and ate a bowl of rice 🙂 it’s good after drinking.



Spanish !!!! (by Maya)

Hola 😛 ¿Cómo está usted?
Yo comenzo estudio Español 😊

Ok finally I re-started to learn Spanish.
I chose it as a second foreign language at college and recently I started wanna be a multilingual 🙂
Another reason choosing Spanish, James Rodríguez !! After World Cup , I am a big fun of him and follow his Instagram and don’t know what he wrote and just see his pictures.
So that’s the one of reasons.
Ok , I won’t give up and hope I’ll because handle both English and Spanish well until Tokyo Olympic.