You must be excited to have the vacation.(by Azzurri)

Summer has come and how are you keeping off this intense heat?

At this season, I always leave the AC on for my cat, in spite of being nobody there for all day long.
If not , it must be dead by serious heatstroke!!

Do you have any plan at the summer vacation???
I have not a plan very much But next month I am going to see Yodogawa Fireworks Display with Maya and her husband. We have seen it before and it was really amazing!!! You can see it at close range if you buy the ticket in advance.
Last time, I strongly believed that I’m glad to be Japanese!

I am so excited to go there XD


Full Disclosure(by Maya)

A mad scientist friend offers you a chip that would allow you to know what the people you’re talking to are thinking. The catch: you can’t turn it off. Do you accept the chip?

No I don’t want it. I am pretty sure that there’re lots of things I don’t need to know about. People doubt and wonder how people think about and sometimes we misunderstand but it’s not all bad. It’s important for each other to know the person

FIFA World Cup 2014 (by Yuka)

FIFA World Cup 2014 is finally over. I had watched various games. I haven’t interested in soccer for many years. But this time was different. Because the biggest soccer fan is near by me. He is my husband…
Though he is Japanese, he likes to watch the games especially Europe league match. He said he isn’t interested in J-league.


For happy summer nails!(by Azzurri)

Hi! I’ve been too lazy to write lately, sry…. 😦

Recently I’m into jel nail which makes not only me but also every women high!!


But if you try to do it, you need to take care with ” Green nail syndrome” especially the rainy season!!
This disease is an infection of the nails that leads to a greenish discoloration of nails.Since the discoloration is underneath the nail, it will not disappear with washing or scrubbing. The condition is usually confined to one or two nails and can involve fingernails or toenails. The nail is usually not painful, however, the skin around the nail, including the cuticle, may be swollen, tender, or red.

take care!

Hang in there to myself ( by Maya)

I am working for an air freight forwarder as an export shipment coordinator. There is shipments to export on weekend. But mostly I can work done on Friday but there might have a call from my boss if there are done problem and there was ! This afternoon I got a text and realized one thing I totally forgot. This kind of things makes me blue and worries about my job weight on me all weekend. It’s a my small careless mistake and my career isn’t over and I won’t be thrown away from my company.
Am I too serious to think about work ?
I don’t want to spoil my weekend.

Today I went shopping to my new clothes. During shopping, I forgot my work.