Using olive oil for health-conscious!(by Azzurri)

Because of being over 30 , I’m paying more attention to my health lately, and whenever they recommend something on these media(TV,Internet, or something) health shows , I always go out and buy it first thing next day. lol

Especially I’m into olive oil since I saw ‘Moco’s kitchen’ that is cooking TV-show presented by Mokomichi Hayami(Japanese actor) .He always use it whenever he cook. Furthermore he produced an original olive oil by himself. I was interested in it and look up its more details on the internet.

Then I found as below what it is good for (^^)

*good for rough skin
*good for sterility
*relieve constipation
*you can eat and not gain weight(←that’s most important!!)
*be effective in thinning blood.


So I have changed some oils which I had used at home.It is had to use different types of oils for different purposes.
If you use for cook,it must be pure-olive oil.If it is extra-virgin-olive oil,use for raw food.

This is my favorite oil(^^)

‘Frantoia Aromatizzato Limone’ (grown in Sicilia)

It has strong lemon flavor and using better than other dressing for raw food. I always use it for tofu,salads and grilled fish(^^) Awesome!

try it<3


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