Hard facts of nearsightedness(by Azzurri)

My eyes have been developed Muscae volitante(飛蚊症) since I was a child.Last week I was checked my eyes by the department of ophthalmology because recently it give me an unpleasant feeling than before. And they were diagnosed Rerinal break(網膜裂孔).
The disease has a risk of going blind,so I am going to treat with laser therapy to prevent them today.Scary〜!!!

retinal break(quoted form here)
A full thickness opening in the neurosensory retina. It may be a hole, usually due to atrophy of the retina and often overlaid by an operculum; or a tear, horseshoe-shaped (U-shaped), round or slit-like, usually caused by posterior vitreous detachment in which the vitreous adheres to the retina and pulls it from the point of adherence during or just after an abrupt eye movement; or a giant retinal tear which involves 90º or more of the circumference of the globe and is commonly associated with Marfan’s syndrome or Stickler’s syndrome; or retinal dialysis which is usually the result of trauma. The patient may complain of photopsia, seeing floaters or flashes and some visual field defects and they may present with a vitreous haemorrhage. Management of retinal breaks includes localized laser photocoagulation (laser retinopexy) or cryopexy, a method of cryotherapy (freezing of the tissues causing local protein denaturation which leads to adhesion of the retina to the pigment epithelium), as the defect may lead to rhegmatogenous or tractional retinal detachment.


Familial Feasts ( by Maya )

Yesterday was Father’s Day in many countries. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why? – daily prompt

It’s definitely to my grandma!
My grandma is getting old and I think there aren’t lots of time to spend with her. She always cares about my sister and me.
Since my mother passed away , she always misses my mother.
It’s natural because it’s her daughter. I guess it’s harder to accept the reality as a mother to lose a kid than as a kid.
I always think her life was just a shorter than usual people but she gave us huge love.
My grandma said I wish I could be her. I couldn’t she her.
So I need to send her hope to live. We could get over this reality together.


20140616-011332-4412379.jpgI’d like to introduce a new game that I’m playing now.

Here is a certain world of academic game. There are beautiful girls and cool boys who were created by cutting-edge computer technology. But one girl is different. Her appearance isn’t others because of bugs of computer. Only her looks was created by the 90’s computer technology.
She think that her looks is very old and ugly. One day she was fell in love a senior boy. She ask a favor of another boy named MEKAOTAKU has many knowledge of computer mechanics to update her looks right now.

The game story is like that. The players help her to update with MEKAOTAKU.
I’m already updating her seven tenth. Her looks is drawing near very cute.

Cooking makes me fun ( by Maya)

Study is over. Finally my daily life got normal .
I started to study English and drink alcohols and blog again.
Today, I cooked a fruits tart 🙂 I need to practice the tart pastry but custard was ok 😛
Since I got married, I found it fun to cook and started to think about think about what we eat and how we keep being healthy.


Today’s dinner was Avocado, tuna and yum bowl !! I also lettuce and radish on the rice! Delicious and healthy, this combination isn’t easy but this is!
I love fast food so need to balance by Japanese food then I can be health.


Using olive oil for health-conscious!(by Azzurri)

Because of being over 30 , I’m paying more attention to my health lately, and whenever they recommend something on these media(TV,Internet, or something) health shows , I always go out and buy it first thing next day. lol

Especially I’m into olive oil since I saw ‘Moco’s kitchen’ that is cooking TV-show presented by Mokomichi Hayami(Japanese actor) .He always use it whenever he cook. Furthermore he produced an original olive oil by himself. I was interested in it and look up its more details on the internet.

Then I found as below what it is good for (^^)

*good for rough skin
*good for sterility
*relieve constipation
*you can eat and not gain weight(←that’s most important!!)
*be effective in thinning blood.


So I have changed some oils which I had used at home.It is had to use different types of oils for different purposes.
If you use for cook,it must be pure-olive oil.If it is extra-virgin-olive oil,use for raw food.

This is my favorite oil(^^)

‘Frantoia Aromatizzato Limone’ (grown in Sicilia)

It has strong lemon flavor and using better than other dressing for raw food. I always use it for tofu,salads and grilled fish(^^) Awesome!

try it<3

The other day(by Yuka)

20140603-223639-81399589.jpgMy mini tomatoes seedling is growing very much. But early Summer has come, my porch’s temperature is getting hotter. Because It’s surround glass and a air conditioner outside machine is there. One day I can’t endure the hot temperature, I put up the air conditioner. After a while, when I got out the porch, I saw a frighten scene. The all leaves of seeding completely shrinked. I was very surprised and watered it in a fluster. After that, lower sprays were spread their leaves. But top sprays was never ever spread their leaves. I’m so sorry for the seeding…..