Ambitious sprit(Maya)

I’ve been busy to study for an examination of dangerous good and all costs for exam is paid by my company and if pass it, I will get $200 🙂
Great deal isn’t it?
So I am working on it!
I use the regulation book at work and at home too.
It’s hard but good to know the things I didn’t know 😛 1 weeks to go till the exam ! Cross you fingers for me ♡

Speaking of studying new thing, there’s a problem. Team work is important all the time and especially at work, we should be sensitive to coworkers but also severe to profit each other. We need to say ugly thing to others sometimes.
The other day, a junior colleague complained about teamwork in his team to his teammate. I know he’s doing great work but his teammate, she doesn’t know how to handle his work. She fought back to him. “You’re the main in charge and I am your helper”. If I were her, I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t bring this up.
He’s such a braver. It’s not easy to say such a thing and mostly we get scare to brake the relationship. Therefore, I felt so sorry for him about her reaction. He just try to make a good teamwork and share work to cooperate each other. I think she isn’t the type who wants to learn new things, more importantly, she is likely to be stable. I love to learn new things, otherwise my brain going to be a stone.


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