Diet ! (by Maya)

I’ve eaten too much recently and my weight became “Can’t believe weight”.
So my dinner is way too Japanese.

Seaweed soup and Yam and natto bowl.
You might not be familiar with natto.
Natto is a very healthy food. Soy beans, which natto is made of, contain many kinds of nutrients, such as protein. Texture is gooey and smell isn’t good so I know it’s not favorite for all people. But believe me, it’s good for your diet.

I also think about teeth.
Since I started to work on teeth makeover, I recognized how important teeth are. It’s not only appearance but also how much healthy teeth leave when I get old.

I’m getting 29 and can’t ignore diet for my health.
We are busy every day that’s why we take care of food and drinks. P


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