Ambitious sprit(Maya)

I’ve been busy to study for an examination of dangerous good and all costs for exam is paid by my company and if pass it, I will get $200 🙂
Great deal isn’t it?
So I am working on it!
I use the regulation book at work and at home too.
It’s hard but good to know the things I didn’t know 😛 1 weeks to go till the exam ! Cross you fingers for me ♡

Speaking of studying new thing, there’s a problem. Team work is important all the time and especially at work, we should be sensitive to coworkers but also severe to profit each other. We need to say ugly thing to others sometimes.
The other day, a junior colleague complained about teamwork in his team to his teammate. I know he’s doing great work but his teammate, she doesn’t know how to handle his work. She fought back to him. “You’re the main in charge and I am your helper”. If I were her, I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t bring this up.
He’s such a braver. It’s not easy to say such a thing and mostly we get scare to brake the relationship. Therefore, I felt so sorry for him about her reaction. He just try to make a good teamwork and share work to cooperate each other. I think she isn’t the type who wants to learn new things, more importantly, she is likely to be stable. I love to learn new things, otherwise my brain going to be a stone.


visit to Taipei(by Azzurri)

Last week I went to Taipei!!


I stayed CAESAR PARK HOTEL TAIPEI which is very near from Taipei-main station.The hotel is very nice location and has exellent service though,its cost was very cheap for Japanese.If you visit Taipei in the future,I definitely recommend the hotel.

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall(中正紀念堂)

Early morning, there were a lot of people who did Tai Chi (太極拳) to keep in health.I wanted to join them very much!!

When it comes to Taiwan,it is food!!




Taiwan has many nice things like food,sightseeing spot,interesting history etc…
Taiwanese is also very polite and kind for strangers.
I love the country and the people.

Wedding (By Yuka)

Recently, I held my wedding ceremony. There are only my husband, me and both kin. It was very homey wedding. And I decorated “welcome board” was made by Azzuri at wedding reception’s room. It was vogue among both kin. Thank you for taking the time to make it for my husband and me, Azzuri !
And thank you for giving wishes to him and me, Maya !
The day will be special memory in my life 🙂


Diet ! (by Maya)

I’ve eaten too much recently and my weight became “Can’t believe weight”.
So my dinner is way too Japanese.

Seaweed soup and Yam and natto bowl.
You might not be familiar with natto.
Natto is a very healthy food. Soy beans, which natto is made of, contain many kinds of nutrients, such as protein. Texture is gooey and smell isn’t good so I know it’s not favorite for all people. But believe me, it’s good for your diet.

I also think about teeth.
Since I started to work on teeth makeover, I recognized how important teeth are. It’s not only appearance but also how much healthy teeth leave when I get old.

I’m getting 29 and can’t ignore diet for my health.
We are busy every day that’s why we take care of food and drinks. P

about my boss(by Azzurri)

It have been taken 3 months from my new job starts.
My coworkers attends to me very kindly, so I have no stress, no feeling of discontent here without my boss’s behavior.

He has big mood swings like thinking to take up a cold attitude to me, but his attitude changed kindness suddenly.
I guess he is very shy, having a lack of skill how he gives expression to his own feelings.

This is my only problem that as he is difficult to speak to, I can’t communicate to him very much.

Tsum tsum(By Yuka)

20140514-002236.jpgTsum tsum is a game application in mobile phones. As you can see, the Disney characters is stacked. You have to connect same characters and erase them quickly. It’s very simply game, but I keep playing it almost everyday. Because the characters are so cute and I’m healed just by looking at them.

Hmm・・・I want to go Tokyo Disney Land!

Last but Not Least (by Maya)


In your imaginary award acceptance speech (yes, we know you have one), who’s the very last — and most important — person you thank?

It should be my mother and my teacher who taught me tennis in junior high for me.

My mother who made my personality and taught me how I should treat people.
She often told me Do Not show your mind on your face.
For example, ,when I get angry, I don’t show my expression on my face.
It’s ok if I am happy or it’s good things but if not, people judge me my impatient and I might pass up a good chance.
This works at office.

My teacher who taught me how important to put on effort.
I went crazy to practice tennis and won games. But the experience links to my persist.