Samurai with a cat (by Azzurri)

DSC_1257「猫侍(Neko Samurai)」
this is my favourite dorama.
There is a Samurai who famous for assassins of Bakumatsu, end of the Edo period.He had a heart of steel and lived keeping away from the other people.He named Hamme.
One day, the servant who worked at a histric mansion asked Hamme to kill a cat which is had by a mansion’s owner. The owner was inordinately fond of it so he was jealous of the cat very much.
Hamme undertook it in exchange for some money and tried to kill the cat.But he couldn’t!He fell in love with the cat at first sight.He took it away stealthily disguising as it already dead.Hamme had started a new life with a pretty cat. He grew up pregressively being kindness,having a relationship with other people thanks to the cat.
It is very nice dorama which will fill you with warm feelings.

yesterday’s my lunch box.

rice with seasoning


cheese hamburg steak

mackerel simmered in miso

broccoli with mayonnaise


fried egg


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