Being a scientist (by Maya)

Last post by Azzuri was about person-concerned a Japanese female scientist.
She is early 30’s and I heard too young to ignore by older scientists because her phenomenal discover and the thesis but also they are jealous too.

Press conference
Yesterday she talked about the fact using wrong pictures in the thesis at the press conference.
She said “It’s just small mistake choosing wrong pictures but the contents are all right and she’d succeeded the STAP cell more than 200 times. I won’t drop the thesis because this mean, I admit this theory wasn’t correct to the world ”

I am so proud of her attitude.
She has belief and I think her discovery is distorted by the media too. I can’t say anything scientifically and she might need more explains but she wasn’t only scientist to relate to this research so this mistake isn’t only her fault.

Please check the following BBC article if you are interested in.
more info


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