STAP(by Azzurri)

Recently in Japan, there is a young  scientist who causes a flurry of excitement for STAP-CELL.

In spite of calling a great discovery of the century,she had been concluded that her paper which wrote about STAP-CELL was forged(Netsuzou) and its important pictures were manipulated(Kaizan) out of her malice.

How do you think about her and her discovery?

However,I am very disapointed since the new facts have come to light, I am sure she has not any malice in her.It is no doubt she made a very serious mistakes,but people have criticized her tooooooo much!!! Also RIKEN lay a responsibility on just a one young woman though they judged it without having a enough time for listening her opinion and there are other scientists who involved with STAP-CELL.

I can’t help but sympathizing with her.

I’m sure she has made a some important discovery,even if it is not STAP-CELL.


One thought on “STAP(by Azzurri)

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