Case Closed(by Azzurri)


Case Closed“, known as Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン)in Japan, is a Japanese detective manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama.The story follows Shinichi Kudo, an amateur detective who transformed into a child while investigating the Black Organization.(quoted from wiki)

Shinichi Kudo is a high school detective who helps the police solve cases.

During an investigation, he is attacked by Gin and Vodka who belong to a syndicate known as the Black Organization. They force him to ingest an experimental poison called APTX 4869 to kill him without leaving evidence. A rare side-effect of the poison, however, transforms him into a child instead of killing him. Adopting the pseudonym Conan Edogawa, Kudo hides his identity to investigate the Black Organization.

Later, Shiho Miyano, a member of the Black Organization and creator of APTX 4869, tries to leave the syndicate after her sister’s death but is captured. She attempts suicide by ingesting APTX 4869, and like Kudo, is transformed into a child. She escapes and enrolls in Conan’s school under a pseudonym, Ai Haibara.

During a rare encounter with the Black Organization, Conan meet the FBI members.they also pursue the Black Organization.Conan and FBI make a tag-team for unmasking the Black Organization. A man named Shuichi Akai,One of the FBI members,is a pretty clear-headed person as Conan’s or more.

Conan and Akai become very good confederate however, Akai was killed by Gin who is the executive of the Black Organization.He gave a member an order to kill Akai.The member name is Kir who is CIA agent. She inside the Black Organization as an undercover spy.CIA also probe into the Organization’s secret.

The top secret of the Black Organization is who’s the boss.The author Aoyama has made clear that the boss has already appeared in this manga.He or She’s true character is talked Conan’s friend or supporter by readers, of course me too!

Readers can solve some riddle that who is the boss? what is the Organization’s purpose? etc… something like that.
This can call it the real thrill of this manga!  I love it.


Tokyo Jungle(By Yuka)

In Tokyo, humans have vanished into thin air. One pomeranian which was a pet has to fight by himself to save his life. It is not only him but also other various animals too.

This story is a game I’m playing now. You can only play two characters which is the Pomeranian or a deer at first. You must make them survive in Tokyo that became jungle. And you cleared one condition, you can play other animals.
Now I’m into playing this game.

Saturday Night ( by Maya )

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! What’s your favorite way to spend Saturday night?

I like to have conversations with my people having a wine 🙂
We just talk and enjoy the time to forget the stressful things.

I also like to cook with my favorite music. My workload has been increasing so I cook a few dishes and keep them in a freezer. That makes me easy to spend weekday without worrying about dinner.

Samurai with a cat (by Azzurri)

DSC_1257「猫侍(Neko Samurai)」
this is my favourite dorama.
There is a Samurai who famous for assassins of Bakumatsu, end of the Edo period.He had a heart of steel and lived keeping away from the other people.He named Hamme.
One day, the servant who worked at a histric mansion asked Hamme to kill a cat which is had by a mansion’s owner. The owner was inordinately fond of it so he was jealous of the cat very much.
Hamme undertook it in exchange for some money and tried to kill the cat.But he couldn’t!He fell in love with the cat at first sight.He took it away stealthily disguising as it already dead.Hamme had started a new life with a pretty cat. He grew up pregressively being kindness,having a relationship with other people thanks to the cat.
It is very nice dorama which will fill you with warm feelings.

yesterday’s my lunch box.

rice with seasoning


cheese hamburg steak

mackerel simmered in miso

broccoli with mayonnaise


fried egg

I love sleeping.(by Yuka)

Yesterday I decided to take enough sleep. Because it’s just me in my house and good chance to sleep on long time without any interruption.
So I had do housework in the morning and run some errands.
It’s about six PM. I went lay down myself and slept all over the night.
Thanks to that, I wake up feeling good more than usual 🙂


Being a scientist (by Maya)

Last post by Azzuri was about person-concerned a Japanese female scientist.
She is early 30’s and I heard too young to ignore by older scientists because her phenomenal discover and the thesis but also they are jealous too.

Press conference
Yesterday she talked about the fact using wrong pictures in the thesis at the press conference.
She said “It’s just small mistake choosing wrong pictures but the contents are all right and she’d succeeded the STAP cell more than 200 times. I won’t drop the thesis because this mean, I admit this theory wasn’t correct to the world ”

I am so proud of her attitude.
She has belief and I think her discovery is distorted by the media too. I can’t say anything scientifically and she might need more explains but she wasn’t only scientist to relate to this research so this mistake isn’t only her fault.

Please check the following BBC article if you are interested in.
more info

STAP(by Azzurri)

Recently in Japan, there is a young  scientist who causes a flurry of excitement for STAP-CELL.

In spite of calling a great discovery of the century,she had been concluded that her paper which wrote about STAP-CELL was forged(Netsuzou) and its important pictures were manipulated(Kaizan) out of her malice.

How do you think about her and her discovery?

However,I am very disapointed since the new facts have come to light, I am sure she has not any malice in her.It is no doubt she made a very serious mistakes,but people have criticized her tooooooo much!!! Also RIKEN lay a responsibility on just a one young woman though they judged it without having a enough time for listening her opinion and there are other scientists who involved with STAP-CELL.

I can’t help but sympathizing with her.

I’m sure she has made a some important discovery,even if it is not STAP-CELL.