MOTHER2 (by Yuka)

I like playing video games.
Today I introduce my favorite one gamesoftware. That name is “MOTHER2”.

One night, A meteorite falls down to ground near the house which a boy lives in. The boy’s name is Nes. For a while, his friend named Porkey asks Nes to watch it with him. They go to the fall spot and meet a fly named BUZZ BUZZ. He says Nes will save the world in the future.

This is only the beginning of a story.
It looks like a ordinarily story, but this is a little different.
Attractive friends, The curious people who Nes meets, Unique cities and enemies, an original world view.
This game has tenderly wonderful story.
In fact, I heard that many game player were touched the game.
That why I recommend it to you.
If you have a chance of playing it, please do it 🙂


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