Video game in job hunting(by Maya)

Have you ever played video game in employment test?
Some companies let the job applicants play games to measure what type of person they would be and what kind of job would be best suited to them.

According to recruiters, they can see applicants in different way by the game result too and GPA isn’t only measure.
This is interesting. I might have been hired by better company than my present company.
But some of these tests can lead to discrimination and there’s the question of social back ground. People who are from sociocultural groups where they’ve been to exposed to game,technology,puzzles,problem solving will better than people who are from sociocultural backgrounds where that was not part of their experience when they were growing up. Sometimes that’s unfair.
You know, everyone is working on job hunting so hard nowadays.
Company see resume and give people opportunity to take an interview.
Diversity is very important so video game might be good function and might lead talented people to company.


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