goodbye-party(by Azzurri)

Good evening^^

Thanks Maya for starting up this blog.Im very happy  to join Pastathree!

Though worked at a certain travel agency for about 8 years, I have  moved to a new job this month.There’re some resons for resignation,I don’t want to regret that. The colleagues were very good to me and I really miss them, but I think it can’t be helped since goodbyes are part of life so as to go my next step.

Yesterday they taked my goodbye-party and gave me nice gifts!!

This is a daily-calendar made by them. It put a patch on their portraits,message cards and some photos with full of  our memories. I was deeply moved!!


I will do my best in the next field^^

Today’s my lunch box^^


rice with seasoning

scrambled eggs


bacon wrapped mushroom


miso soup


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