Daily Prompt: She Drives Me Crazy (by Maya)

It makes me crazy when people wear their shoes in my house. What habit/act drives you crazy? How do you prevent it from happening?~The daily post

My pet peeve is people make noise when they eat.
It might be cultural background and it’s not nice doing it in Japan.
But I guess Korean do that naturally so maybe it’s not bad in their country so I didn’t point it out to except Japanese.
At least I try not to force my culture on foreigners not living in Japan.


next door(by azzurri)

Good morning!

I had confortable life at my room because my  next-door neighbour had been empty for a while.But a young girl moved there,and she is very noisy…

In spite of the evening,she had a party with her some friends who already got drunk and speak in a loud voice.How noisy they are…

Once I tried knock on the wall for making them hold their tongue,they knocked on to me! I got pissed of and knocked to them again,they back again.We did such a same thing again and again,we tapped a very good rhythm before we knew! lol

But I don’t feel become friendry with her…. 😦




MOTHER2 (by Yuka)

I like playing video games.
Today I introduce my favorite one gamesoftware. That name is “MOTHER2”.

One night, A meteorite falls down to ground near the house which a boy lives in. The boy’s name is Nes. For a while, his friend named Porkey asks Nes to watch it with him. They go to the fall spot and meet a fly named BUZZ BUZZ. He says Nes will save the world in the future.

This is only the beginning of a story.
It looks like a ordinarily story, but this is a little different.
Attractive friends, The curious people who Nes meets, Unique cities and enemies, an original world view.
This game has tenderly wonderful story.
In fact, I heard that many game player were touched the game.
That why I recommend it to you.
If you have a chance of playing it, please do it 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life (by Maya)

A street in Paris. This is on the way back from Montmartre.
It’s simple street but I also felt artistic appearance at doors and windows.
In the Montmartre , there’s downtown area and I enjoyed Moulin Rouge.


This street is in Barcelona along
Palau de la musica. Before taking picture, kids rushed into school.
That was adorable 🙂
I was also surprised at that fact that many Asian immigrated to Spain too.


It’s very far going to Europe from Japan but it’s pretty with it 😛

7SEEDS(by Azzurri)


I would like to introduce my favorite manga to you.

The comic is named 7SEEDS.

When astronomers predict that the Earth will be hit by a meteorite, the world leaders meet to develop a plan for human survival called the Seven Seeds project.

Each country will keep a number of healthy young people in a freezer, which will allow them to survive the devastation of the impact. After a computer determines that Earth is once again safe for human life, it will thaw each group.

The Japanese government creates five groups of survivors named Team-Winter, Team-Spring, Team-Summer A, Team-Summer B, and Team-Fall. Each group consists of seven members, who are not told about what will happen before they are put in a freezer, and one adult guide who is trained in wilderness survival.(excerpt from wiki :P)

The story start from each group are thawed and wake up the dark place where is human extinction world. They totally don’t understand what happen themselves.

This is very interesting sory and a suggestive one for our world, isn’t it?

Daily Prompt: The Great Pretender(by Maya)

Daily Prompt: The Great Pretender
Are you full of confidence or have you ever suffered from Imposter Syndrome? Tell us all about it. – The daily post
I think I always care about how we people think about my attitude.
Sometimes it’s ok but I know I should be more confident.
I admire people who are full of confidence. And It’s so weird coz people think me that I am always confident.
I blog here and enjoy it because I have something I can’t put into words.
I want to stop making a wall between people and to be friendly when I meet people for the first time.
But I am like being myself.
I just wanna be much better person 🙂

A girl named Fuchiko.(by Yuka)

20140326-220203.jpgThe picture is my penholder on my office’s desk. A few girls is there. The girls is same one.

Her name is Fuchiko who is the brim of a glass. These are a kind of Japanese toy. I like these toys.

And today a new member came in the group.

20140326-222234.jpgA man named A tuxedo mask who is character in a certain Japanese animation is called sailor moon.

They are cheering me everyday.